Attorneys endorse Family Friendly Jury Duty Legislation

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Table of Endorsements


Elizabeth N. Baldwin, Esq.
, was considered one of the nation’s leading experts on Breastfeeding and the Law. She was the Director of the Legal Associates Program for La Leche League International. She died in March 2003 after an extended illness.

“As an attorney, I wouldn’t want somebody who is so concerned about their baby that they can’t pay attention” (to what is going on in Court). -
Elizabeth N. Baldwin, Esq.

Excerpt taken from the article, “Mother’s Time is up: Join County Jury Pool or Else” by Holly Danks
The Portland Oregonian, April 5, 1999


Kentucky Senator Dick Adams,
Member of the Kentucky Senate Judiciary Committee
2001 General Assembly

“...About 6 or 7 years ago I tried a case...and a young mother asked to be excused from the jury because of a sick child at home and the judge was not very understanding and forgiving.   And she...was running to the phone every time we took a break…  I felt...that she really didn’t have her mind into the case itself and it was a very important case for me, and I felt...that someone else would have been better served if she had been allowed to step aside.

Testimony given in support of KY Senate Bill 43 by Sen. Dick Adams for the Kentucky Senate Judiciary Committee meeting, February 20, 2001