Columnists endorse Family Friendly Jury Duty Legislation

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Table of Endorsements


James Bemis
Is an editorial board member, weekly columnist and film critic for California Political Review. He is also a columnist for the Internet website Catholic Exchange and served for years as a columnist for the Los Angeles Daily

“...rearing the young is society's most critical job…a mother's work is far too essential to interrupt for such an ordinary task as jury duty...
But to her children, a mother is everything, a unique and irreplaceable person, and when gone even temporarily is cause for distress and alarm...these premises are now subtly shifting - the tacit assumption of ...jury service rules is that a mother's first duty is not to her children, but to the state. Kids in her house must play second fiddle to strangers she's never met. Her role of “citizen” takes precedence over that of “mom.”
...Stuck on a jury of endless duration? That's your (and your kids') problem. We'll see you in court on the date of your summons, comrade, or else.”
-- “Motherhood Loses out to Jury Service” by James Bemis, September 18, 2000, Daily News of Los Angeles (CA)


Wendy Dager

is a columnist for the
Ventura County Star,
Ventura County, CA

“[As a stay-at-home parent, I...] am trying to raise two kids to be productive American citizens. Can’t [jury duty] wait seven years for me to finish my job?
-- “Jury duty not very friendly to parents” , by Wendy Dager, August 21, 2003 Ventura County Star, Ventura County, CA


Ruth Sheehan

is a staff Writer with
The News & Observer
, Raleigh, NC

...“Under (North Carolina) state law, it’s far easier for a 66-year-old golf fanatic to dodge jury duty than a stay-at-home parent with two kids younger than 5. That doesn’t seem right...
-- “Temper Justice with Good Sense”, by Ruth Sheehan, November 15, 2001 The News & Observer, Raleigh, NC