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(Last updated February 19, 2006)

Michigan State Representative Gene DeRossett, Sponsor of Michigan House Bill 4455 (2003)

Michigan State Representative

Gene DeRossett

" HB 4455 would offer broad protections to a large segment of parents in Michigan.  Parents are their children's first and most influential teachers.  Alleviating the strain on families whose at-home parent is required to serve, will allow the parent to continue the nurturing process."

Rep. Gene DeRossett (R-Washtenaw County District 52), sponsor of HB 4455 which permits parents or guardians caring for children under the age of 4 (during normal business hours) to defer jury service. September, 2003 

New Mexico Senator Mark Boitano, sponsor of SB 288 (2005)

New Mexico Senator

Mark Boitano

Sen. Boitano said he had plenty of reasons for sponsoring (Senate Bill 288), but the mom argument was foremost in his mind.

“...we don’t talk enough about the value of maternal care.  The reality is, we need to extend benefits to moms who are taking care of their kids.”

…”if we can extend the benefit to a mom providing a kid with care, that’s definitely in the state’s best interest.”

Sen. Mark Boitano (R-Bernalillo), sponsor of SB 288 which allows expectant mothers, a parent or guardian with custody of a child under 6, and caregivers of an elderly or disabled persons to be excused from jury duty, upon request.
Excerpts from “Mom inspires bill limiting jury duty for caregivers” by Shea Andersen,
The Albuquerque Tribune, January 31, 2005

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The following state legislators have either:


·          Enacted family friendly jury duty legislation in their state, OR

·          Are currently sponsoring a family friendly jury duty bill in their state, OR

·          Have recently sponsored a family friendly jury duty bill in their state.

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New Jersey Representatives Senator Shirley K. Turner, Sponsor of Senate Bill 2041 (2004).

Assembly Persons Joan M. Quigley, Linda R. Greenstein, Brian P. Stack, co-sponsor, Assemblywoman Previte, sponsors of Assembly Bill 1192 (2004)

Senator Shirley K. Turner



Joan M. Quigley


Linda R. Greenstein


Brian P. Stack



Identical bills SB 2041 and AB 1192 would allow the prospective juror who is a parent of a minor child and is the person who provides personal care and attention for that child during the hours of jury service to be excused from jury duty.