Medical Professionals  endorse Family Friendly Jury Duty Legislation

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Dr. Philip Zazove, M.D., 2004 Candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives (52nd District), is a Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Associate Medical Director, Ambulatory Care at the University of Michigan

"I fully support the need for family friendly jury duty legislation, such as that being proposed in the Michigan legislature.  It is critical that we ensure that mothers who wish to breast feed, among other things, are allowed to do this."


Dr. Jonathan Vahue-Rubin, is a chiropractor who has a family practice in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

“...This (family friendly jury duty bill) is not an issue simply of morality; it is also an issue that involves education and experience. It is a clinical fact that nursing for at least one year has substantial physical and emotional benefits for both mother and child. And at least in the city of Kalamazoo, we cannot trust that jury clerks or even judges will be aware of this scientific information that is not in their primary field of knowledge...
Our communities have a need for juries which represent the full spectrum of decency and goodness of our population. But our communities have a greater need for its nursing mothers and primary caregivers to be caring for their children. No one should be forced to choose between their child and their civic duty.
If the demands of our community for jury duty force a mother to stop breastfeeding her baby, or force a primary caregiver to be separated from a young child who would be harmed by such a separation, then I believe our community commits a grave moral wrong. And make no mistake, Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen, that wrong is being committed now, for a fact in Kalamazoo. I am forced to wonder how it serves the public good in our state to obligate even one nursing mother or primary caregiver to stop providing such important care for our state’s children. And to be honest I was quite surprised to learn that our state law currently leaves this very significant question to be decided by the whim of a jury clerk or a judge who may or may not have any knowledge in this area.”

Testimony given by Dr. Vahue-Rubin before the Michigan House Judiciary Committee in support of HB 4455 on October 14, 2003