Notable Supporters of Family Friendly Jury Duty Legislation


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Table of Endorsements


Dr. Laura C. Schlessinger
Internationally syndicated radio host, licensed family therapist, and bestselling author.

“I have observed an unnerving trend regarding mandatory jury duty and stay-at-home mothers.
Some courts are willing to justify any number of excuses for jury duty, but staying home and caring for a dependent child is not one of them. As far as I am concerned, to force stay-at-home mothers of young children to serve on juries, is to undermine the structure and value of the traditional family...In the past several years, I have received an alarming number of letters from mothers who are forced to place their civic duties above their parental responsibilities...Parents who have deliberately sacrificed in order to keep their children out of daycare shouldn’t be forced by the government to drop their kids in daycare.”
Dr. Laura C. Schlessinger, Host of the Dr. Laura Show, March 14, 2000



"People would have a fit if they separated a kitten (from its mother) before it was weaned!"
Dr. Laura C. Schlessinger, Host of the Dr. Laura Show, January 21, 2003
(Statement referring to courts that separate mothers from their babies for jury service)

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