Amusing precedent set for Jury Duty in Pennsylvania

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Jury duty excuse set precedent at the

Erie County Court House in Pennsylvania

(Last updated November 10, 2004)

Erie County, June 1, 1999 

When lawyers asked if serving on jury duty in a civil trial at the Erie County Courthouse would be a hardship for anyone, Cindy Kreider, general curator of the Erie Zoo, raised her hand and said, “I have to bottle-feed a baby giraffe

Krieder was excused!


“I’ve been the only one feeding her”, Kreider said in an interview.  “I’ve got a technique to get her to take the bottle and we’re afraid that she might not accept the bottle from someone else because she’s so familiar with me.”


Zoo officials said that at three weeks of age an animal’s condition can turn for the worse literally overnight, and keeping the baby giraffe feeding well is crucial to its survival.  ( Click here to go BACK)


-- “Baby Giraffe’s feeder excused from Jury duty”, By Jack Grazier, Erie Times-News,  Pennsylvania, June 3, 1999