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(Last updated September 1, 2005)

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If you have been mistreated by the Courts in this way, or if you know of others that have, Please click on the letter to e-mail me and share your story!

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In May of 2003, A.S., a full-time mother of 2 small children, the oldest 2-1/2 years and the youngest 14 months, was called for jury duty by the Macon County Courthouse in Decatur, IL. A.S. was not only nursing her baby at the time, but she had no one to care for her children during the time she would have to be in court, as her husband worked full-time plus attended college part-time.


A.S. met with the jury commissioner and requested to be excused referencing Illinois law, (705 ILCS 305/10.2), that excuses a prospective juror if they are the primary caregiver of a child under 12. The jury commissioner refused to excuse her saying the law only applied to children that were disabled. Not only did he NOT excuse her, he sternly told her thatshe WILL serve! After that he just got up and rudely walked out of the room!


Shame on the Macon County Courthouse in Decatur, Illinois!

By refusing to excuse A.S. from jury duty, the jury commissioner either misinterpreted or chose to ignore Illinois state law ...When an undue hardship caused by a family situation is due to the prospective juror being the primary care giver of a person with a mental or physical disability, a person with a medically diagnosed behavior problem, OR a child under age 12, then the county board, jury commissioners or jury administrator shall excuse such a prospective juror

Illinois Compiled Statutes, 705 ILCS 305/10.2, Sec. 10.2 (b) Excusing prospective jurors; hardship.


If you know your state already has family friendly jury duty laws and a court is not abiding by them, click here to see what you can do:

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