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(Last updated September 1, 2005)

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In early 2004, Joanne Lake was called for jury duty at the Clinton County Courthouse in Iowa. When she requested to be excused in order to care for her 23-month-old daughter, the judge rejected her request outright, totally dismissing Joannes obligation to her child.

Here is her story:

I'm a stay-at-home mom of a 23-month-old girl.  When I was summoned for jury service by the Clinton County Courthouse in Iowa, I wrote a letter requesting deferment based on my inability to find alternate care for my daughter.  I was distressed to find out my request was denied! 


I then went in to speak to the judge at the Clinton County Courthouse.   I explained that I have no family in this town, my husband works full-time, as do all my friends. He told me that my husband could take vacation from his job.  I explained that it was not possible.  The judge, totally disregarding my familys situation, just kept on repeating (with a pompous smirk on his face) that my husband could take off from work.   He then went on to lecture me about my civic duty.  I responded that I was already fulfilling my civic duty by taking care of my child and raising a good person. 

I was told that I could get a deferment to later this year.  I explained that my situation will not be any different later in the year -- my daughter will still only be 2 and my husband's work schedule will be even worse then. 

I'm so angry at the flippant, arrogant way in which I was treated by the judge

Why cant they defer me until my daughter is school-aged?

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