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Denise Beasecker from Saginaw, MI was called for jury duty the day before she was required to report.  She asked for time to find child care for her nursing two-year-old and was told to report or be held in contempt.  


She came to court with her two-year-old the next day and was immediately given a 30-day jail sentence!  


The judge gave her the option of serving the jail sentence or serving a DOUBLE jury term of four weeks starting the following day.† Denise started to cry and said that although she was able to cobble together childcare from different sources (including sending her two older children to sit in the corner of her husband's office during the work day, because it was the summer and her older children were out of school), her children had suffered because of this judge's abuse.  


It turns out that she had really wanted to serve on the jury and had only wanted a little more time to find care for her nursing two-year-old.  

She noted that on the trial in which she served as a juror, they convicted the defendant of assault with intent to murder, but were told they would probably not be able to send him to jail.

Isnít it ironic that there was plenty of room in jail for her, but not for the convicted criminal?!

Excerpts from Denise Beaseckerís testimony in support of Michigan House Bill 4455,† which would have allowed parents or guardians having active care and custody of a child under the age of 4 (during the courtsí normal hours of operation), to defer jury service, upon request.† Testimony was given at the Michigan House Judiciary Committee meeting October 14, 2003.†† The above link will explain how you can help with ongoing efforts to enact† this worthy, family-affirming initiative.



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