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When (a) jury notice arrived recently (from the Durham County Courthouse in Raleigh North Carolina), Jolynn Childers Dellinger found herself in a...fix. She is the primary caregiver for two children younger than 5. The younger, just turned one, has never really taken a bottle, although she is learning to drink from a cup.

Dellinger called the clerk's office to ask for a...deferral. "No," she was told.


So Tuesday, Dellinger's husband took the day off and Dellinger headed downtown. She told the jury clerk her situation and mentioned an extra problem: The baby had an ear infection and was refusing the cup. Dellinger asked whether she could leave briefly at midday to (nurse) the girl. "No."  She asked to see a judge. "No."


She was told her husband could bring the child to the courthouse and Dellinger could nurse her during a break. Dellinger asked if she could use a spare office or meeting room. "No."

Dellinger ended up feeding her sick baby while sitting on the floor of the women's bathroom in the Durham County courthouse. Ick.


...Under (North Carolina) state law, it's far easier for a 66-year-old golf fanatic to dodge jury duty than a stay-at-home parent with two kids younger than 5!

That doesn't seem right...

Excerpts taken from “Temper Justice With Good Sense”, by Ruth Sheehan, The News & Observer  (Raleigh, NC), November 15, 2001

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