Write a letter to the Chief Judge requesting
family friendly juror provisions for your district court

(Last updated January 8, 2006)

At least 72 U.S. (Federal) District Courts allow excuse from jury service (upon request) to: 

persons having active care and custody of a child or children under 10 years of age whose health and/or safety would be jeopardized by their absence for jury service, or a person who is essential to the care of an aged or infirm person.”


If your U.S. Federal District court currently does NOT have family friendly language such as the above example, you can write a letter to the Chief Judge of your district court requesting that the district’s jury plan include provisions for family caregivers.  Since most District Courts already have the above provisions in their respective Jury Plans, a precedent has been set and your U.S. District Courts’ Jury Plan should be able to adopt this same language.


Click here for a sample letter to the Chief Judge requesting that your U.S. District Court’s jury plan be amended to add Family Friendly Jury Duty language. 

If he or she agrees to amend a jury plan, “the proposed amendment must be presented to the judges of the district in which it originates.  The district judges must approve the revised plan, sending it to the United States Circuit Court of Appeals jurisdiction in which it resides for final approval.”

Source:  Correspondence from Leslie G. Whitmer, Clerk, United States District Court,

Eastern District of Kentucky, 23 February, 2005


How do I find out the name and contact information for the Chief Judge?

A. This information may be available on your juror summons, if you have one.

B.  If you don’t have a juror summons, please go to link below:

1).  Click on the “Court Links” button.  This will direct you to listing of all of the states. 

2).  Click on your state and find your court from the list shown. 

3).  Click on the name of your District Court, which will bring you to your court’s website. 

4).  From there, you will be able to get the name and contact information for the Chief Judge of your U.S. District Court.

Afterwards, please e-mail me and let me know the Chief Judge’s response to your letter.

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