Family Friendly Jury Duty Legislation for Kentucky

Although Kentucky now has a family friendly jury duty law that protects breastfeeding mothers and their babies*, there are still other citizens in Kentucky who could also benefit from family friendly jury duty legislation. 

Kentucky citizens who are  parents/guardians caring for a young child, or caregivers of an elderly or disabled relative have been forced to serve on a jury, despite their essential obligations to their families. While there are Kentucky courts that do accommodate these citizens, others do not since there is no standard policy which addresses the special needs of these jurors.

Expanded Family Friendly Jury Duty legislation would allow these citizens to defer their jury service until either their children are older, or care giving responsibilities have ceased. It would also ensure that jury deferral policies are more consistent throughout all of Kentucky’s court jurisdictions.
Kentucky needs Family Friendly Jury Duty legislation for family caregivers in BOTH its State and Federal court systems:
Click here if you would like to help enact Expanded Family Friendly Jury Duty for  Kentucky’s STATE courts.
Click here if you would like to help enact Family Friendly Jury Duty for Kentucky’s U.S. FEDERAL District Courts.

*In March 2007, Kentucky finally passed legislation that would defer breastfeeding mothers from jury duty until they are no longer nursing.  Below are pictures of the bill-signing ceremony with Governor Fletcher signing Senate Bill 111 into law.

Governor Fletcher signs Senate Bill 111 into law

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