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Jury Duty and last minute childcare concerns

Jury Duty and childcare costs for one-income families

Jury Duty and care arrangements for young children,† elderly or disabled family members

Jury Duty logistics for nursing mothers and/or large families

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† Dear Senator (or Representative ) ___________,

Please consider proposing a family friendly jury duty bill that would allow full-time parents of children under the age of 6 to defer their jury duty summons.

I am the primary caregiver of my five (5) children, ranging in age from 5 months to 9 years.† My husband and I have chosen for me to stay at home with them at this time in their young lives.† I do not work outside the home.†

Imagine with me, the hardship that would occur should I be called for, and asked to serve on jury duty.

First, I would have to arrange childcare (at the last minute) for 3 of the children.† This alone would be a tremendous burden.† Secondly, if any of the drop-in day care centers had availability, the cost is prohibitive, especially on one income.† Thirdly, my children would be in the care of complete strangers.

I am also nursing my five-month old infant.† She does not take a bottle.† I would have to force her to take a bottle, and rent a pump (also costly) to be able to away from her.† I would have to be excused at least every three to four hours, and find a private place (in a court house) to express my milk.

While most judges would be sensitive to this situation, all are not.† There needs to be a state-wide law to protect young children and their full-time mothers (or fathers) from what would be a horrifying situation.

It is not my desire as a citizen of the United States of America to ignore my civic responsibility, only to delay it a few years.† My primary responsibility is to my young children and to that end, my husband and I have already made sacrifices.

Iím sure youíll agree that† legislation requiring family friendly policies for jury duty service would benefit Kentuckyís families.† Please endorse this positive, humane legislation.


Concern:† Jury Duty logistics for nursing mothers and/or a large families