March 25, 2003, Introduced by Rep. DeRossett and referred to the Committee on Judiciary.

























                                                                                 A bill to amend 1961 PA 236, entitled                                             


    "Revised judicature act of 1961,"                                           


    by amending sections 1313 and 1314 (MCL 600.1313 and 600.1314).             


                THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN ENACT:                      


1       Sec. 1313.  (1) The board shall supply a juror                              


2   qualifications questionnaire to persons on the first jury list.             


3   This questionnaire shall contain blanks for the information the             


4   board desires, concerning qualifications for, and exemptions                


5   from, jury service.  Persons on the first jury list are required            


6   to return the questionnaire fully answered to the jury board                


7   within 10 days after it is received.                                        


8       (2) In addition to any other information requested by the                   


9   board under subsection (1), the questionnaire shall ask whether             


10  the person is a parent or guardian of 1 or more children under              


11  the age of 4 and is solely responsible for the care of that child           



1   or those children for at least 20 hours during Monday through               


2   Friday of each week.  The questionnaire shall inform the person             


3   that if he or she meets these qualifications, he or she may be              


4   excused from jury service.                                                  


5       Sec. 1314.  On the basis of answers to the juror                            


6   qualifications questionnaires the board may excuse from service             


7   persons on the first jury list who claim exemption and give                 


8   satisfactory proof of such right, and all persons who are not               


9   qualified for jury service.  The board shall excuse from service            


10  a person who complies with the requirements of section 1313(2)              


11  and who requests to be excused. The board may investigate the               


12  accuracy of the answers to the questionnaires and may call upon             


13  all law enforcement agencies for assistance in the                          


14  investigation.