Ohio's Family Friendly Jury Duty initiative

History of Ohio's FFJD initiative

Sample letter to your Ohio Legislator


Family Friendly Jury Duty Legislation for Ohio

The Ohio family friendly jury duty initiative, sponsored by Rep. Thom Collier (R - District 90), was filed in May 2005 as Ohio House Bill 256 for the 126th General Assembly Regular Session 2005-2006.  This proposed legislation allowed caregivers the ability to request to be excused from jury duty.
Three categories of caregivers were specified:

  • Parents who are the primary caregivers of their young children

  • Parents who home school their children

  • People who are the primary caregivers of elderly or disabled family members

(To view a history of Ohio House Bill 256, click here.)

Unfortunately,  House Bill 256 died at the end of the 2006 session.
However, Rep. Thom Collier has agreed to sponsor another bill for the current session, the 127th Ohio General Assembly, 2007-2008. We haven't given up and are still working on this! 

How can you help:
If you would like to help enact this worthwhile, compassionate legislation, please contact:
Terri Weeks at 513-722-9887 or terri@weekshome.com.  Anyone who has any stories they would like to submit as testimony for the bill should contact Terri Weeks.

It would be helpful to also send a letter to your Ohio representative to ask for his/her support of this legislation that will be introduced soon in the current session. 
Click here to view a sample letter to your Ohio representative.

 Last updated Wednesday March 21, 2007