Ohio's Family Friendly Jury Duty initiative

History of Ohio's FFJD initiative

Sample letter to your Ohio Legislator


Sample letter to legislator requesting Family Friendly Jury Duty legislation

Dear Representative (or Senator) ___________________

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I am writing to ask for your support for 'Family Friendly Jury Duty legislation' that will be filed for the 2007-2008 session of Ohio's General Assembly.  This legislation would allow at-home caregivers of babies and young children, those who care for an elderly or disabled relative, and those who home school their children to defer jury service until their children are older or their care giving responsibilities have ceased.  I think this legislation is important to the well-being of many families in the State of Ohio.

This bill would relieve the burden of jury service on families who care for their young children or disabled relatives in the home.

When such a parent or family caregiver is called for jury duty, safe, reliable, all-day substitute care is rarely available on short notice and for an indeterminate period of time.  
If available at all, the cost is out of reach for most families, burdening lower income families the most.

Because the decision to defer jury service until the child attains the age of 12  is
optional, this bill does not exclude any particular class of jurors from the pool. Some families will choose to serve in spite of the option to defer.    

If 'Family Friendly Jury Duty' legislation is passed, Ohio will join the majority of U.S. states that have, or are considering, some form of family-friendly jury duty legislation.  This legislation would ensure the well-being of our most vulnerable citizens -- our children, the disabled, and the elderly.  These are citizens who need to be cared for, not inconveniences that need to be dealt with, and as citizens of this country, they are supposed to be protected under our Constitution. 
'Family Friendly Jury Duty' legislation recognizes that our justice system not only protects the rights of defendants standing trial, it exists to protect
of our citizens. 

I believe in supporting the democracy we have, that affords us so many benefits and freedoms.  I have responded to the call to jury service in the past, and will gladly do so again at a later date when it will not be detrimental to my family's needs. 
Jury duty is an important civic responsibility, but canít it wait?

Please convey my wholehearted support for the passage of HB 256 to the relevant legislative committees and leaders of each chamber.

(your name, complete address, and phone number --
so your legislator knows youíre in his/her district -- Very important!) 

      Leaders of both chambers ( House and Senate) and Rep. Thom Collier

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