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Washington State Senate Bill 5064

Washington State Senator Joseph Zarelli filed Family Friendly Jury Duty legislation several times in the past few years.  His last known effort was SB 5064 for the 59th Legislative Session, which convened January 12, 2004. 


SB 5064 required the judge or clerk of the court to excuse a person from jury service if the person was the sole caregiver for a child, or other dependent, and requested to be excused.  The person must have been unable to afford day care or make other arrangements for the care of the dependent during the courts normal hours of operation. 

Click here to review the text of Senate Bill 5064.   


History of this legislation:

Senator Zarelli was made aware of this issue when a mother of 2 small children contacted him after having a very bad experience with the Courts a few years ago.  Click here to read her story.

He filed this bill during the past 3 sessions of Washington’s General Assembly.  It passed the Senate two times, but failed to get through the House. 

Senate Bill 5064 was his fourth try so far.


If you would like to ask Sen. Zarelli to continue his efforts to enact this worthwhile, compassionate legislation, please click here to contact him.

You also might want to contact your own Washington State representative to ask him or her if they would agree to sponsor a family friendly jury duty bill, similar to SB 5064 (2004 legislative session). 

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Click here for a sample letter which can be used to ask your representative to sponsor a family friendly jury duty bill.

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The Washington State legislature also provides a state-wide toll-free telephone hotline to contact your legislator and find out information about pending legislation at:


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