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Sample letter

requesting family friendly jury duty legislation for Washington State

Dear Senator (or Representative) _____________,


I am writing to ask for your help in initiating  “family friendly jury duty” legislation for Washington State.

Family friendly jury duty legislation would allow a person who has custody of and is solely responsible for the daily supervision of a baby or young child the option to be deferred from jury duty until that child is older (at least school age) and not in need of constant care.


Many stay-at-home parents do not have immediate access to full-time childcare that is safe, affordable, and adequate.  Babies and little children of parents in this category are placed in a traumatic and potentially dangerous situation when their parents are summoned for Jury Duty service.

Please be reassured that after their children are older, these same individuals would be more than happy to fulfill their obligations as good citizens.

Parents in the above circumstances may indeed bring more wisdom and life experience to the jury pool after their children are older.


I realize that jury duty is an important civic responsibility, but in deference to families needing special care during their children’s early years, jury duty could be postponed a little while until that needful season has ended.


Please show your concern for the well-being of our young children in Washington State by initiating and/or supporting family friendly jury duty legislation.



Your name,

(Be sure to include your address, phone number, and other contact info so your legislator knows that you’re in his/her district).

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