Ask your STATE representative to sponsor

or support a “family friendly jury duty” bill

Enacting Family Friendly Jury Duty legislation is one way to fight back the injustices of a jury system that forces even breastfeeding mothers to serve!   The intent of this legislation is to protect the child (or dependent family member), NOT help parents (or family caregivers) “get out” of jury duty! 

(Last updated March 1, 2005)

How do I convince my legislator to sponsor or support

Family Friendly Jury Duty Legislation when I call or write?

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Where do I start?

Read the information below.  You will learn step-by-step how to persuade your legislator to file or support Family Friendly Jury Duty legislation. 

The first thing you must do is find out who your representatives are:

(If you do not know who your legislators are, call your county clerk’s office.  They will give you the names and phone numbers of your state Representative and Senator.  Also, you may search the internet for your state legislature’s web site which would also provide the names and contact information).

Call or write your legislator to discuss your concerns about jury duty service for full-time parents (or caregivers of disabled or elderly relatives).  To find out how to do this, follow the link in the purple box below:

How to get family friendly jury duty laws for your state

Where do I start? 

Convince your representative to file a bill

Convince your representative, pg. 2

What do I do once a Family Friendly Jury Duty bill has been filed?  

Contact your legislator the EASY way

What do I say when I call?

Contact your legislator the BEST way

More tips on how to communicate with your representative

What NOT to do!

Sample Affidavit

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