How do I convince my Representative

to sponsor or support a family friendly jury duty bill?

  Convince your legislator with the POSITIVE aspects

of family friendly jury duty legislation.  Click here

(Last updated March 1, 2005)

Tell your representative that family friendly jury duty legislation is a win-win proposal for everyone involved.  Emphasize that there are NO NEGATIVES!  For example:

·          Make it clear that you are NOT asking for a law that would allow you to shirk your civic duty.

·          At this time, you are living up to your responsibility of being a
full-time parent or a family caretaker.

·          Stress that you merely want to POSTPONE your service until your child is older or your care giving situation changes.

·          No “blanket” exemption from jury duty would be provided!

·          Full-time parents are deferred only until their child reaches a certain age.

·          Persons providing full-time care for a disabled or elderly relative are deferred only until they are no longer the sole caregiver.

·          This bill merely provides a temporary (and optional) postponement.

·          Parents must request deferment in writing, subject to severe penalties for perjury.  ( Click here for example affidavit from the Superior Court of Clayton County, Georgia).

·          No one would be denied the privilege of serving on a jury.

·          Full-time parents and family caregivers are given the CHOICE  to serve now or have their name put back into the jury pool.

·          Those who wish to serve will still be able to do so.

How to get family friendly jury duty laws for your state

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