What else do I say to convince my Representative?

My legislator has agreed to file a Family Friendly Jury Duty  bill.

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Emphasize the POSITIVE aspects of

Family Friendly Jury Duty legislation!

(Last updated March 1, 2005)

·          Tell him or her that such a bill is good “People” Legislation

·          It’s compassionate as it protects our most vulnerable
citizens — babies and small children; the disabled and elderly.

·          The best interests of the courts would be served, since frantic parents and frantic family caretakers would not make good jurors!

·          This type of legislation has broad bipartisan appeal.

·          Liberals like it since it gives full-time parents of young
children (or family caretakers) a choice to serve or not, its impact significantly benefits the child or dependent family member.

·          Conservatives like it since it benefits families and their children with virtually no cost to government or to society.

·          This is not ground-breaking legislation! 

·          As of January 2005, Most other states have or are considering adopting family friendly jury duty legislation (in one form or another).

·          Why not your state?

·          Other states with this legislation have had no collapse in their respective court systems.

·          Approximately 76% of U.S. Federal District Courts have provisions for family caregivers in their jury plans.

·          If one of these U.S. Federal District Courts is in your state, a precedent has been set.

·          Since this U.S. Federal District Court has ‘family friendly jury duty’ policies, why doesn’t the state court system follow suit?

·          Enacting this “People” legislation would show the rest of the USA that your state is progressive and family friendly and cares about its most vulnerable citizens.

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