What do I do once a

Family Friendly Jury Duty bill has been filed?

(Last updated March 1, 2005)

Click here to find out how to use your state’s toll-free message center.

How to get family friendly jury duty laws for your state

Where do I start? 

Convince your representative to file a bill

Convince your representative, continued

What do I do once a Family Friendly Jury Duty bill has been filed?  

Contact your legislator the EASY way

What do I say when I call?

Contact your legislator the BEST way

More tips on how to communicate with your representative

What NOT to do!

Sample Affidavit

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If your representative has agreed to file a Family Friendly Jury Duty bill, or a Family Friendly Jury Duty bill has already been filed,  fantastic!!  Please let us know about it and we’ll help get the word out by adding it to this web site! 

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Your next step is to get as many people as possible to ask their legislators to support this bill!  It’s not that hard since many states provide a toll-free, intrastate telephone message center (during session) to take calls from citizens wishing to express an opinion on proposed legislation.


Tell your friends and supporters that contacting their legislators this way is:

·          Easy to do — Just dial a phone number.

·          Convenient — It takes less than 5 minutes, and the message centers are open at least 10 hours every week day.

·          Inexpensive — No long distance charges.