Contact your state Legislator the EASY way!

(Last updated March 1, 2005)

Many states provide a toll-free Legislative Message Line (when the state’s general assembly is in session) for citizens to express their point of view on legislation.  This is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to contact your elected officials.  You can find out if there is a telephone message center in your state by doing an internet search using the words “Contact Legislator, toll-free message, (the name of your state), legislature, House of Representatives, Senate”.  You may also call or write your state capitol to find out if there is a message center and its toll-free telephone number.

What do I do when I make the call?

When you call, all you need to do is simply dictate a brief message for your legislator to an operator.  The message will be sent to your legislator, along with your name, address, date and time it was given. You may also ask the operator to leave a message for the chamber leaders of the House and Senate, who control much of what goes on in your state legislature.

Keep in mind, legislators do not normally receive a great amount of feedback on a given issue.  Most citizens don’t realize that if a legislator receives as few as 10 phone calls on a pending piece of legislation, he/she is actually startled by his/her community’s show of interest.  Therefore, your contact is all the more influential!

Your call could very well be the one that makes the difference!  One thing is certain, if you don't contact your legislator, you will never make a difference!

The above information was adapted from the Kentucky Citizen Digest

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Contact your legislator the EASY way

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