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(Last updated March 1, 2005)

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Contact your legislator the BEST way

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 Be Personal

·          Do not send form letters, as they annoy legislators.

·          Petitions are useless!  Most legislators say 5 personal notes outweigh 100 or more pages of a petition.

·          Type or handwrite a letter ‑ on personal stationery if you have it.   

·          Be sure to include your return address as well as your phone number in your letter so he knows you are in his district.  (Legislators want to verify that you are indeed their constituent and merely indicating that you are “in his district” will not suffice). 
Including your phone number makes it easier and more convenient for him to reply. 

·          Some technically savvy legislators prefer to be contacted via E-mail, as it is a fast and effective way to provide timely responses to constituents.  As with written correspondence, be sure to include your return address and phone number so the legislator knows you are in his district.  (There is no way a legislator can tell where you are from just by looking at your e-mail address!) 

·          Keep in mind,  there are legislators who aren’t comfortable using computers and would rather be contacted via a phone call or letter.


Be Concise

Write intelligently and keep your comments to one page if possible. Use facts and logical reasoning rather than emotional rhetoric, but do not use too many facts... two or three key ones will do just fine. You may also attach additional resources, such as newspaper or magazine clippings... but don’t over do it.

( Click here to review points you may want to include in your letter).


Be Respectful

Always be courteous. Threats or insults will do much more harm than good, possibly motivating him to work against you.  Never say things like, "I'm a veteran, and I vote!" or "As a citizen and a taxpayer..." Let other people alienate legislators with abusive language and threats.


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As mentioned previously, legislators receive very little feedback from their constituents on a given issue!  One of the best ways to make an impression with your legislator is to write him or her a letter about your concerns.  Use the tips below to help make your impression a good one!