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(Last updated March 1, 2005)

How to get family friendly jury duty laws for your state

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What do I do once a Family Friendly Jury Duty bill has been filed?  

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Be Specific

Mention your issue (i.e., Family Friendly Jury Duty Legislation) and ask him to sponsor legislation.  If some other legislator has already sponsored a bill addressing this cause, ask your legislator to support that bill.   

Do not ever address more than one topic.  If you want to talk about two or three issues, write or call several different times.
Although telephone calls are not a substitute for personal contact and letter writing, they are sometimes necessary when time is short.

You need not hesitate about reaching him at home or work either. Remember, these are your paid representatives.


Be Correct

Address your correspondence properly. The salutation of your letter should always include the appropriate title: "Senator"' or "Representative" before his last name. However, in the address, "The Honorable..."' should precede his name.

To find your legislator’s mailing address, check with your county clerk’s office, or look up your state’s legislature’s website.


Be Persistent

Do not be shy about writing your legislator again, particularly if the response was not satisfactory the first time: Your persistence could pay off. When you do write again, refer to your original letter.


Be Gracious
If your legislator has been helpful in anyway, be sure to send him a thank you note.  It is always nice to be appreciated. 
never bad mouth one legislator to another.  This will make your legislator wonder what you could be saying about him or her.
Always be courteous and respectful to the legislator’s staff. 

The above information was adapted from the Kentucky Citizen Digest   


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when writing or calling your legislator.