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(Last updated November 11, 2004)

If at first you don’t succeed….   

Even though the bills (marked by the gravestones) shown on the previous page (the listing states that have or have considered family friendly jury duty legislation) never made it into law, this doesn’t mean that there will never be family friendly jury duty laws in this state. 


On the contrary, the very fact that this state even considered enacting Family Friendly Jury Duty is a good sign!

(At the very least, the proposed legislation will have a deterrent effect -- court employees will certainly think twice before they treat at-home parents or family caregivers badly).


(As with any new idea or proposal, it often takes more than one try to convince others to embrace it! )


Perhaps the same sponsor would be willing to try again!  If not, it is highly likely that another legislator would agree to file a Family Friendly Jury Duty bill for you.  It’s worth a try!  What do you have to lose?