Help!  Iíve been called for Jury Duty, and I have full-time family responsibilities.  What do I do?!




Family friendly jury duty legislation is not for the benefit of caregivers themselves, but for those for whom they provide care.

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Letís face it, most of us would gladly and proudly serve on a Jury when asked. But what can we do when our babies, young children, or our elderly or disabled family members need us?
When youíre served a jury notice, you are probably wondering:

  • Who is going to take care of my young children?

  • Will jury duty interfere with breastfeeding my baby?

  • Who is going to take care of my elderly parent?

  • What kind of childcare/senior care can I get at the last minute?

    • My relatives live too far away and my neighbors arenít home during the day.

    • Will my children or family member be endangered by last-minute, untested, substitute care arrangements?

  • How can I afford the prohibitive cost of childcare or senior daycare, especially for a one-income family?

  • Will my child/family member be traumatized by my absence?

  • What if Iím assigned to a long trial?

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