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Important! If the court requires you to report to the courthouse in person, YOU MUST SHOW UP, or else you may face severe consequences!

Click here if your state already has Family Friendly Jury Duty and you were NOT excused. (believe it or not, it happens!)

Contact your local Media

Having the media present, should you be called for a hearing, may help your situation. The court officials, under the pressure of public scrutiny, may back down, or risk being viewed as bullies by the public.  Here is an example of how the media helped stay-at-home dad, Jeff Bloebaum, get excused from jury duty.

The following are some suggestions on how to contact the media:

  • Before you contact anyone, organize your thoughts, have an outline of what you want to say or write.

  • Make sure whoever you talk to understands that you merely wish to defer your jury duty until your child is older, or your family caregiving situation changes. At that time, you would gladly serve.

  • Offer a typed or written copy of your story to the reporter.

    • This makes their job easier.

    • Ensures facts are presented correctly.

  • Think very carefully about whether to give the name of an abusive judge
    or other mean court employee to the news media.
    Although you may be angry and want to embarrass this person who mistreated you, it's probably not a good idea, since the news reporter will most likely contact this person for his or her side of the story...
    Do you really want to give this person a chance to twist your story, especially if he or she is an experienced lawyer?

  • Donít be surprised if there are inaccuracies.

    • Reporters are pressured to meet deadlines, they donít get much time to check their work.

  • If a reporter would like to come to your home, make sure your child (or your dependent family member) is there!

    • You need to impress upon them how difficult it is to make caregiving arrangements during the Courtís normal hours of operation

Remember, no court will be pleased to be depicted in the local media (or perhaps national media) as mean and heartless to societyís most vulnerable citizens ó babies, small children, the disabled, or the elderly!


Disclaimer:  Legal information is not legal advice.  Only a lawyer can provide you with legal advice.



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