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Important! If the court requires you to report to the courthouse in person, YOU MUST SHOW UP, or else you may face severe consequences!

Click here if your state already has Family Friendly Jury Duty and you were NOT excused. (believe it or not, it happens!)

Sample letter to Court, requesting deferral from Jury Duty

Date  (current date)
Make sure you use title given on your jury summons, for example:
ĎClerk of Courtí, ĎCourt Clerkí, ĎJury Commissionerí, etc.
(For example, Ms. Jane Jones, Clerk of Court)
If you are addressing a judge, use ĎThe Honorableí before his/her first and last name
(For example, The Honorable John Smith)
Name and address of court
City, State ZIP

Subject: Juror number # (___) requests deferral from Jury Duty service.

Body of Letter:
Dear Sir or Madame (or name if you know it, i.e., Judge Smith, Ms. Jones),

I am requesting a deferral from Jury Duty for the (month/year) term because I am a full-time mother of a 9-month-old son (per Court Rule or Statute #, if applicable).
I would be proud to serve as a juror, but in order for me to do so, I would have to bring my child into the courtroom. I doubt if this is acceptable, but it is my only alternative.

Making babysitting arrangements at the last moment is impossible in my case because of the following reasons (use whatever applies to your personal situation):

  • I am breastfeeding my infant (if applicable).

  • I canít depend on family members to watch my children because they live out of town.

  • I canít ask my neighbors and friends to watch my children because they are not at home during the day.

  • A quality daycare facility does not take in children on a temporary, last minute basis, for an undetermined amount of time.

  • Our family canít afford all-day childcare on one income.

I would not be serving the courtís best interests if I were constantly worrying about my childís well-being, due to last-minute untested childcare arrangements.

Please put my name back in the lottery, as I will be glad to serve on a jury should I be called when my child is older and not in need of my constant care.

I appreciate your understanding of my situation, and await your response to my request. Please contact me at (phone-number) with your decision, or if you have any further questions.

Thank you,

Your name & juror identification number
City, State ZIP


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