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Important! If the court requires you to report to the courthouse in person, YOU MUST SHOW UP, or else you may face severe consequences!


The Court is not obeying the law!

Donít worryÖif the Court is NOT obeying their Family Friendly Jury Duty law, they could get in big trouble (not you)!

Here is what you can do:

  • If you have been mistreated by anyone in the court, please e-mail me and tell me your story!

  • If you have been mistreated by a Judge or Jury Commissioner:

    • Write a letter* of complaint to:

      • Your stateís Judicial Conduct Commission.
        This agencyís name varies by jurisdiction...itís sometimes called:

        • Commission on Judicial Conduct

        • Judicial Inquiry Board

        • Commission on Judicial Performance

    • Hire a lawyer to represent you.

  • If you have been mistreated by a court employee,

    • Write a letter* of complaint to:

      • The Courtís Supervising Judge
        (This job title varies by jurisdiction...itís sometimes called:)

        • Court Administrator

        • Executive Officer

        • Presiding Judge

        • Chief Judge

    • Hire a lawyer to represent you.

*Your letter should include:

  • The correct name and job title of the court employee
    (you donít want to get an innocent person in trouble).

  • Court name

  • Date of incident

  • Applicable law broken (Include an official copy).

  • Make sure you send the letter "return receipt requested", so that you have proof the court did indeed receive it.


Disclaimer:  Legal information is not legal advice.  Only a lawyer can provide you with legal advice.



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