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Important! If the court requires you to report to the courthouse in person, YOU MUST SHOW UP, or else you may face severe consequences!

Click here if your state already has Family Friendly Jury Duty and you were NOT excused. (believe it or not, it happens!)

Why people avoid placing their loved ones in daycare during jury duty

Here are a few websites that help explain the point-of-view of people who avoid placing their children or loved ones in daycare. Their fears about daycare would be compounded by the poor quality of any arrangements made at the last moment for a jury service assignment of uncertain duration:

(Disclaimer:  A link to a particular site does not necessarily imply endorsement or affiliation with the organizations listed. )

Daycares Don’t Care - This website contains an index of publications about the harmful effects of daycare on children.

Full Time Mothers - Is a British organization that supports women who are engaged in the traditional role of bringing up children. Contained in this site is a section highlighting research on daycare’s negative impact on children.
Here is what you can do:

WATCh? - An abbreviation for ‘What about the Children?’
A British charity which promotes parental responsibility with particular emphasis on the emotional needs of children during their crucial first three years.

Eagle Forum, TOPIC: Daycare
This area of the Eagle Forum’s website contains a collection of articles and news items on the problems with daycare.

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