Family friendly jury duty legislation is not for the benefit of caregivers themselves, but for those for whom they provide care.

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What is Family Friendly Jury Duty?

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What is Family Friendly Jury Duty?  (Continued)


Family Friendly Jury duty Legislation WOULD:

  • Allow parents caring for a young child full-time and those who care for an elderly or disabled relative the OPTION to DEFER their jury duty UNTIL:

    • The child is old enough to handle a parent’s absence.

    • A person is no longer the sole caregiver of a disabled or elderly family member.

  • Acknowledge that times have changed and backup childcare/senior care is usually not available from relatives (live too far away) or neighbors (no one is home during the day). Children and family members are endangered by last-minute, untested, substitute care arrangements.

  • Lessen the burden on the Courts for the juror selection process.

  • Serve the best interests of the Court, since frantic parents and family caretakers do NOT make good jurors!

  • Be inexpensive to enact.

  • Demonstrate that the particular state involved is progressive and cares about its most vulnerable citizens.

Family Friendly Jury duty Legislation WOULD:

  • NOT Prevent parents from serving on a jury, if they so desire.

    • Those who can and want to serve may do so.

  • NOT Remove all young mothers from the jury pool.

    • This segment of the jury pool would still exist via:

      • Young mothers in the work force

      • At-home mothers who choose to serve

      • Young mothers with older children

  • NOT Automatically remove qualified people from the jury pool.

    • Juror must request deferment in writing

    • Juror is not excused permanently

  • NOT  Provide a “Blanket Exemption” from Jury Duty

    • Juror receives a temporary, optional postponement of service, upon request only

Click here to view “Model” Family Friendly Jury Duty legislation



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